Haro LogoDave Mirra played a huge role in the growth of BMX freestyle and the worldwide media exposure the sport has attained. And he wrote much of the sport’s history while he rode for Haro.

In celebrating Dave’s long career with that other brand, Mirraco Corporation and Haro have teamed up to create bikes that reflect that history and pay tribute to the bikes Dave rode during his career with Haro. In keeping with Mirraco’s focus on giving back to the sport, a portion of the revenue generated through the sales of these Haro models will be donated to DaveMirra.com to support organizations that support youth cycling.

The first complete bike that will be produced is inspired by the bike featured on the cover of Sony’s Playstation game - Dave Mirra BMX Freestyle released in the year 2000. It’s candy red with chrome parts and is designed to look like the original and perform like today’s high-end freestyle bikes.

A release date for the first model has not been determined yet, so check back here for availability and information on additional Haro/Mirra models being planned.